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ME (and CFS)

Dr David Smith's website (Understanding Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome - Its Treatment and Management) is very good. If you do a search for CFS and DGS you will find accounts of patients who have recovered. 

Denis Scadeng's pages simplify Dr Smith's website, highlighting the nature and treatment of ME.


A word of warning. If you do a general internet search for ME, you will come across the ME Associations who are fairly negative and do not agree that anyone can get properly well again. They are mostly run by people who, for what ever reason, can't or don't want to get better - maybe due to the sick role or maybe due to mismanagement early on. I found that there are a lot people out there who have had or know someone who has had ME and got better. Once better most people leave the ME Association because they don't want to be associated with that type of organisation anymore.