Simon Duffell's World Tour 2004-2005

Simon DuffellI sold the motorbike, warned the cat and let out the flat because I went travelling around the world. I left on the 1st August 2004 for a 12 month trip - I got back on 25th July 2005. I travelled with Miss George Webb for the first few months and with Dany for a while in Cambodia and Oz. See my itinerary for details. I have been keeping everyone up to date of my exploits here, via email and mobile phone. I visited:


photos available, (hover over them for descriptions). Diary available, (text-only).


photos available Home Time


24 Jul 2005

17 hour New York city tour, then home to Reigate for beer and bed.


Moving Islands

New Zealand

04 Jul 2005

Annetta in Nelson and the Able Tasman national park.


Bad Game

New Zealand

26 Jun 2005

Rugby, more rugby, time, money and friends.


photos available Queenstown

New Zealand

16 Jun 2005

Rugby, Beer, Burgers, Sledging and Canyon Swinging.


photos available Cold NZ

New Zealand

04 Jun 2005

Christchurch, Tranz Alpine railway, Arthur's Pass and Greymouth.


photos available Dany and Simon


31 May 2005

Dany - the special lady in my life.


photos available Life, Love and Oz


30 May 2005

Cairns, Airlie Beach, Great Barrier Reef, Whitehaven beach and a question for Dany.


photos available Hervey Bay


13 May 2005

Noosa River and Hervey Bay.


photos available Fraser Island


25 April 2005

Surfer's Paradise, Brisbane and Fraser Island.


photos available The Big Oz


18 Apr 2005

Byron Bay, Sydney, Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour and not my photos.


photos available Long Time


14 Mar 2005

Pinnacles, Monkey Mia, Kalbarri, Dany's visa, F1GP and Ocean Road.


photos available Cambodia 2


13 Feb 2005

Dany's home town of Kampong Cham, Phnom Penh, Angkor and Sihanoukville.


New Year Plans


05 Jan 2005

Beers, emails, F1 and photos.


photos available Xmas


04 Jan 2005

Beach, BBQ, dolphins, cave, jetties, dugongs, lighthouse, trees, dam, pancakes, cheese and art.


photos available Fremantle


23 Dec 2004

museum ... boats ... must ... take ... photos.


Perth 2


20 Dec 2004

The Crown, working and plans for Xmas and New Year.


photos available Perth


16 Dec 2004

The Witch's Hat and new mobile phone.


photos available Kampot


26 Nov 2004

and Sihanoukville. Dany, Bokor puncture, the red light district and beach bar bbqs.


The Beach


20 Nov 2004

Beers, bikes and being laid back.


Phnom Penh (still)


13 Nov 2004

Fire spinning for a water festival.


Phnom Penh


01 Nov 2004

Fireworks, prison and vibrating haircuts.


Siem Reap


25 Oct 2004

Mad pickups, Angkor wat and Tomb Raider.


photos available Kanchanaburi


20 Oct 2004

including Ayutthaya and Aranya - photos.


photos available Nong Khiaw


10 Oct 2004

and Muang Ngoi - boats, cold showers, sandy faces and makeup.




29 Sep 2004

kips, Nong Khiaw and Muang Ngoi.


photos available Vang Vieng


27 Sep 2004

Vang Vieng tubing, Phonsavanh Plain of Jars and mines, Luang Prabang lock-out.


photos available Vientiane


16 Sep 2004

A travel agent, night train and friendship bridge.


Changi airport


12 Sep 2004

Three hour delay. One food voucher.




08 Sep 2004

To the pub, to the pub, to the pub pub pub !


photos available Rhodes


01 Sep 2004

A four minute wedding - now that's what I call service.




29 Aug 2004

I'm baaaaack ! Well, at least until Wednesday.


photos available Ayutthaya


26 Aug 2004

Chantarakasem museum, stray dogs and a snake.


photos available Pai


25 Aug 2004

Waterfalls, hot springs and temples by dirt bike.


photos available Chiang Mai Trek


17 Aug 2004

Hill tribes, catapulting, elephant riding, bamboo rafting and singing.


photos available Chiang Mai


11 Aug 2004

The queen's birthday, the night bazaar and sausages.


photos available Koh Chang


08 Aug 2004

Chilling, partying, motorbiking and hanging out in beach huts.


photos available Bangkok


04 Aug 2004

Beers, backpackers, boxing and ... um ... big (grand) temple.



Simon's Face Simon's world map Simon's Face


01 Aug 2004 map
Thailand for four weeks
29 Aug 2004 flag
return to the UK for Kester's wedding, (although it's in Rhodes)
11 Sep 2004 flag
return to Thailand, (Bangkok)
12 Sep 2004 flag map
Laos for two to three weeks
13 Oct 2004 flag
return to Bangkok, Thailand. George returns to the UK for a wedding.
19 Oct 2004 flag
George returns to Ayutthaya, (north of Bangkok), from the UK
21 Oct 2004 flag map
Cambodia for about six weeks
09 Dec 2004 flag map
Australia, for about six months,

 (including a three week return to Cambodia to pick up Dany).

30 May 2005 flag map
New Zealand for two months
18 Aug 2005 flag map
Los Angeles, to New York
24 Aug 2005 flag
New York to England flight
25 Aug 2005 flag
arrive home