cruise ship


The  Install  solution


New PBX, (private branch exchange), installations to specified requirements.



The  Upgrade  solution


Enhancements, replacements and equipment standardization including complete refits.



The  Service  solution


A service package especially designed for the cruise industry and suitable for fleet operations in all ocean ranges.


We help cruise companies minimize risks, optimize costs and train staff. Our support is more than just resolving technical problems by replacing defective parts. We offer inclusive packages including logistics, surveying, maintenance and training.



Mondo Connect is a company specializing in the installation and maintenance of telecommunication and telephony systems on board cruise ships. We are based in Compeyre, Aveyron, France.


Mondo Connect est une société spécialisée dans l'installation et la maintenance de systèmes de télécommunication et de téléphonie sur les bateaux à Compeyre, Aveyron. Elle assure également la formation sur tous les types d'appareils nécessaires à la télécommunication à bord.