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IBM iSeries AS/400 (system i) Links

Programming CL overview and concepts

CL Command finder


DDS for physical and logical files.

DDS for display files.

DDS for printer files.


RPG/400 Reference.

RPG/400 User's Guide.


ILE RPG IV Reference.

ILE RPG IV Programmer's Guide.



SETLL NR ER EQ   EQ set on if found.


CHAIN NR ER __   NR set on if NOT found.


READ  __ ER EOF  EOF set on if NOT found.


Display File Edit Codes:





1 Yes

No sign

.00 or 0
2 Yes No sign Blanks
3   No sign .00 or 0
4   No sign Blanks
A Yes CR .00 or 0
B Yes CR Blanks
C   CR .00 or 0
D   CR Blanks
J Yes -(Minus) .00 or 0
K Yes -(Minus) Blanks
L   -(Minus) .00 or 0
M   -(Minus) Blanks
N Yes -(Minus) .00 or 0
O Yes -(Minus) Blanks
P   -(Minus) .00 or 0
Q   -(Minus) Blanks
W nnnn/nn/nn
Y nn/nn/nnnn


sign of the units position is changed to a hexadecimal F.