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These are some of the projects we have worked on for our clients.


CLIFF Electronic Components Ltd.

Cliff Electronic Components

The corporate web site of an electronic component manufacturing company.


The site is fully compliant with

XHTML 1.0 and

CSS 1.0 web coding standards.


The page design flows according to user selected window and text sizes. It is therefore suitable for display on a wide range of devices from computers to televisions and handheld devices.


This project is a redesign of an existing structure which incorporated frames, table layout and an older style of graphics. The look has been completely revamped and all layout is now controlled by a cascading style sheet.


Images have been sharpened and optimised for faster page loading. A new, branded site search facility further enhances the customer browsing experience.



Hubbard Computer Services Ltd.

Hubbard Computer Services

A service provider in the computing industry, HCS wanted an elegant and simple web presence detailing their services, contact information and links.


The site is fully compliment with

HTML5 and

CSS 3 standards.


JavaScript is used to hide the email address from spammers and keep the copyright information up to date. When scripting is unsupported the information remains accessible.


The contact page includes a downloadable business card in the widely used vcard (.vcf) format.


I just wanted to say that the website is looking really good now. Our web appearance makes us look like a small but professional company that has a great deal of experience. It hits the nail on the head perfectly. - Jason Hubbard, managing director, Hubbard Computer Services.



Global Fit

Mes P'tites Créations

Specialised shopfitting, carpentry and joinery.


This is a redesign of an existing site which unfortunately used graphical images for important information like contact details and navigation. Now it is search engine friendly and standards compliant.


The logo has been updated and incorporated into a new header banner.


Suppliers and clients now have their own logos and links rather than just displaying a drab list.


Existing images have been lightened and sharpened to show more detail.


The design is optimised for handheld displays so that the information is quickly and easily accessible on mobile devices like 'phones.


A customised, non-public page has also been created for staff to set as their default browser page. This contains a calendar of upcoming events, links to often used websites and a web search box.



Mes P'tites Créations

Mes P'tites Créations

My Little Creations - Custom Designed Jewellery by Claire.


Rounded corners have been implemented without the use of any tables.


The product pages use definition lists to give meaning to the text. These are then decorated using a style sheet.


This site has an opaque background detailing a collage of the artists work.



Lazy Mekong Daze

Lazy Mekong Daze

This site was designed for a bar and restaurant based in Cambodia.


The simple design and standards compliance lends itself to working with any browser around the world, including handheld computers and web-enabled 'phones.


A web-based contact form has been provided for when access to an email client is not possible.



Etchinghill Arts

Etchinghill Arts

The web site of an artist specialising in portraits and original commercial graphics.


This project involved setting out a framework for the future development of the site. Training was provided for the customer.


The logo was simplified for the web from a letterhead. The silver and grey hyperlinks were chosen to complement the customer's choice of dark background. The site also sports a custom cursor in the form of a paintbrush.



eMBassy Electrics

eMBassy Electrics

This web page provides an advertising presence for an electrician's business.


It shows a summary of services provided, contact information, (with encoded email), and some relevant links.


It passes W3C standards validation.



Constructive Solutions

Constructive Solutions

A simple and to-the-point web page with contact details promoting the skills of a local builder.


The logo was converted for use on the web from a business card.


The site background colour-cycles using JavaScript.


W3C standards compliant.



Beersville UK

Beersville UK

This personal web site is designed to be more entertaining than those which are business oriented.


Features include


The site is fully compliant with W3C

XHTML 1.0 and

CSS 1.0 web coding standards.


The page design flows according to user selected window and text sizing.


JavaScript is used to add entertainment value in the form of