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This is the personal website of web designer Steve Beer.

I have created this website for the following reasons:



My first job was with BIS Banking Systems, (now Misys and also Midas Kapiti International), in Wimbledon, as a junior computer programmer. The in-house training is well known for its quality and I was soon proficient in the art of programming the midrange, (mainframe-style), computer known as the IBM AS/400 (i-series / system i). My job involved making changes to the back-office banking software using a black and green screen computer terminal.


After three years, the quest for a decent salary and a change from banking led me to the Generali Insurance IT department in the city of London. Here I worked on the insurance and accounting package known as IMACS. It was my job to customise the software to the users' requirements and fix any problems which arose. 


After two years at Generali, I decided to"go contracting". I set up a limited company, (Progenuity Ltd.), and sub-contracted myself to an agency called TriSystems. Through the agency I have worked for companies such as AEGON Insurance, Albion Insurance, Assicurazioni Generali, Bimeh Iran, Bridgeway Management Ltd., REMI / CMGL / KPMG / Turegum / St James Claims Management, Dominion Insurance, Hitachi Credit, International Oil Insurers, Wurttembergische and Zurich Reinsurance.


I currently work for Hubbard Computer Services supporting the BPCS system of Atlas Copco and it's subsidiary companies.


I have acquired a host of PC skills which include Windows, word-processors, spreadsheets, databases, email and web design.