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01 October 2013

Zoe 2013 birthday photos added to facebook photo album.

28 July 2013

Katarina Beer and Richard Riley wedding photos added. Videos added to YouTube and linked from Beersville page.

07 April 2013

Hester and Emma photos added to facebook photo album.

13 October 2012

Marc and Anna's birthday concert 2012 photos added to facebook photo album.

18 August 2012

Claire Holland and Karl Spencer wedding photos added to facebook photo album.

21 July 2012

Heather's birthday picnic at Knole Park, Sevenoaks, Kent photos added to facebook photo album.

26 May 2012

Jennifer Skjonnemand and Ian George wedding photos added to facebook photo album.

05 February 2012

Snow fun photos added to facebook photo album.

24 July 2011

Beer Blount beach bash photos added to facebook photo album.

11 July 2011

Heather's Birthday BBQ photos added to facebook photo album.

07 June 2011

Peppa Pig World (Paultons) theme park photos added to facebook photo album.

02 June 2011

Kefalonia (Greece) holiday photos added to facebook photo album.

24 April 2011

Priory farm discovery trail photos added to facebook photo album.

17 February 2011

Natasha and Zoe photos and video clips added. Natasha: let me have a look video clip added from May 2010. Zoe looking around video clip added from November 2010.

24 January 2011

Roger's birthday photos added to facebook photo album.

Pirate cuddles photos added to facebook photo album.

25 December 2010

Xmas 2010 photos added to facebook photo album.

24 December 2010

Favourite photo of Kath added to Mark and Kath's BBQ (2007) page. Mark and Kathleen's wedding (2001) photos enhanced.


Kathleen Deighton Cousins 27Jan1973 - 24Dec2010 (aged 37). You were our dear friend and cancer took you from us far too early. You will be sorely missed. We are glad to have known you and are better for it. We will treasure the times we spent together. Our thoughts are with husband Mark, daughter Freyja and your loving family.

14 December 2010

Beersville.co.uk domain, web hosting and email moved from PlusNet to 123-reg.

Email contact forms, dynamic text replacement for fancy fonts and random image rotation removed as CGI server scripting is no longer included.

RSS news feed (updates) subscription facility added.

Home and Links pages reverted to XHTML 1.0 transitional to ensure google search works correctly.

05 December 2010

Snow fun photos added to facebook photo album.

29 November 2010

New Natasha and Zoe photos page added.

24 November 2010

Natasha's operation to insert grommets into her ear drums went very well. Mummy was very clever in visiting the hospital play specialist with Natasha, the day before. Natasha was informed about what was going to happen, shown around the ward and encouraged to play with the anaesthetic gas mask and automatic bed controls.


Natasha was a very brave girl but found the anaesthetic cream for the cannula into the back of her hands to be itchy and distressing. Next time we must remember to ask if they can put the cannula into her right hand so that she can suck her thumb without interference from the bandage.


After a brief period of post-anaesthetic grumbling our little princess became quite bossy and demanding. She wanted to stay with the play specialist even after we were allowed to go. On the car journey home we could not distract Natasha from her "I want Nina" chanting.


The day after her operation, Natasha is her usual tired, grumpy and obstinate, three-year-old self. We have yet to notice any improvement in her hearing or speech.

04 November 2010

Zoe. Today's consultant prefers the term, iris hypoplasia, (underdeveloped iris), and reserves aniridia for situations where the iris is completely absent. Zoe expressed her displeasure at having a light shone in her eyes and being prodded and held uncomfortably in her usual fashion of vocal protest but she soon recovered.


Zoe has a small, anterior, (frontal), cataract in the centre of each eye which should not affect her vision. The consultant thinks she is already short sighted which can be corrected with (tinted) glasses when she is old enough. The rest of her eyes appear to be healthy with no identified problems with the retina or optic nerve.


She had a test to measure the inter-ocular pressure but this was inconclusive as expected with one so small and uncooperative. We will need to check this regularly. She may also need regular ultrasound scans for kidney tumours. The ophthalmology consultant will write to our genetics consultant at St Georges hospital in London for further recommendations and we are keen to pursue genetic analysis to determine the likelihood of further potential problems.


We are relieved to know that she will be able to see and are looking forward to some eye contact, recognition and smiles in the near future.

01 November 2010

Zoe has been diagnosed with bilateral, partial aniridia. This rare genetic condition means she has almost no irises (irides) and is sensitive to light. Her irises are underdeveloped and do not have the muscles required to contract and dilate. Her vision will be impaired with a possible lack of detail but we will only know by how much when she is able to tell us. There are a number of associated conditions which she may suffer from but there is no evidence of these at this time

30 October 2010

Beer cousin cuddles photos by Anna Beer added to facebook photo album.

13 October 2010

Even more Zoe photos added.

09 October 2010

More Zoe photos added.

01 October 2010

Zoe Beer first photos added.

12 September 2010

Chessington with Natasha and Lizzie photos added to facebook photo album.

09 September 2010

Natasha photos added for July, August and September 2010. Natasha photos for two and a half to three years old moved to a new page. Zoe page created in anticipation of the forthcoming event. Some photography thumbnails and contacts updated.

17 August 2010

Whole website is now XHTML 1.0 strict. Old "transitional" pages have had their javascripts rewritten.

19 July 2010

Beer Blount Beach Bums photos added to facebook photo album.

13 July 2010

Javea, Spain holiday photos added.

07 July 2010

Zoe 3D ultrasound scan photos added.

30 June 2010

Steve's Surprise birthday celebration photos including hotel drinks, medieval banquet and the London Eye.

Natasha's third birthday photos added.

Natasha photos added for April, May and June 2010.

Family photos page updated.

Steve and Si's 2000 birthday celebration photos reinstated from archive.

14 May 2010

Mini Beer Two - 20 week scan photo added. Think pink.

19 March 2010

Mini Beer Two - 12 week scan photo added.

07 March 2010

Natasha photos added for January, February and March 2010.

Xmas 2009 photos added.

Dubai holiday photos added for November 2009.

Natasha photos added for November and December 2009.

28 October 2009

Isle of Wight holiday photos added for September 2009.

Natasha photos added for September and October 2009.

25 August 2009

Natasha photos added for July and August 2009.

13 June 2009

House extension photos added.

Natasha photos added for May 2009.

Natasha 2009 birthday photos added.

01 April 2009

Natasha photos (in the playground) added for March 2009.

Lily's 2009 birthday photos added.

22 February 2009

Mes Petites Creations custom designed jewellery by Claire - website removed as Claire is now a responsible teacher who can't have pupils googling her name.

03 February 2009

Natasha photos (in the snow) added for February 2009.

Natasha 13 to 18 months photos moved.

31 December 2008

Natasha photos added for December 2008.

01 October 2008

Natasha photos added for July, August and October 2008.

Three more birthday photos added to Tasha's tea party page.

June 2008 photos added to Natasha's 7 to 12 months page.

Technical update - MouseOver.js removed as all image rollovers are now done via CSS rather than JavaScript.

24 September 2008

Cheddar holiday photos added including Longleat Safari park.

07 June 2008

Natasha photos for March, April and May 2008 added to Natasha's 7 to 12 months page.

Natasha 2008 birthday party photos added.

30 March 2008

Helga and Roger's 25th Silver Wedding Anniversary photos added.

04 March 2008

Hamsters page updated to show all the Beersville hamsters.

Including a new fun hammy pics page as an homage to our dear Jasmine hamster who passed away today at the early age of 18 months old. We love our hamsters dearly but with a baby to look after we're not planning on having another hammy for a while.

20 February 2008

Katarina 2008 birthday celebration photos added. Family photos including Natasha.

12 February 2008

Natasha photos added for January and February 2008.

27 December 2007

Xmas 2007 photos added.

18 December 2007

Natasha 4 to 6 months page updated with palate repair hospital photos.

30 November 2007

Natasha 4 to 6 months page updated with Edinburgh photos. Lip repair photos moved to a new page.

22 October 2007

Phil Reynolds stag weekend photos added. Hovercrafting and off-road gokarting.

16 October 2007

Simon page updated with new photos of Alex's first birthday.

08 October 2007

Natasha 4 to 6 months photos added three weeks after her cleft lip repair.

04 October 2007

Computers and Gadgets page updated. New Handheld Computer page for my HTC TyTn pocket PC 'phone. Old stuff archived.

Also TrekAmerica pages have had nasty, big, animated 'back' and 'next' graphics replaced for better handheld compatibility.

03 October 2007

DVD movie list updated. External links now open in a new window on this page to maintain the sort order.

28 September 2007

Forthcoming events are now shown on the What's New and Home pages. New Events page lists all dates for the forthcoming year.

Previously, events were only shown for today's date. Javascript adapted to a function which can show a specified number of events in a user defined style.

22 September 2007

Natasha Lip Repair page updated with new "Home Again" photos after her cleft lip repair operation.

Natasha's photos have been moved to www.Beersville.co.uk/Natasha/ and spread over a number of pages.

17 September 2007

Natasha Lip Repair photos added detailing our daughter's cleft lip repair operation.

13 September 2007

Home page refreshed. Old version archived. Technical update.

Animated gifs now time-out after a set number of repeats to prevent them being too distracting. Annoying pictures and sounds removed from Television and Cinema page to speed up load time.

02 September 2007

Mark and Kath's BBQ photos added with a fun image roll-over effect.

28 August 2007

Natasha 0 to 3 months page updated with three new photos and two new video clips, (at two and a half months old ) - 'Standing Up' and 'Squealing'.

05 August 2007

Natasha 0 to 3 months page updated with a new video clip, (at eight weeks old ). Tasha talk time.

15 July 2007

Natasha 0 to 3 months page updated with a new video clip, (at five weeks old ). Wakey Wakey Natasha.

05 July 2007

Natasha 0 to 3 months page updated with a couple of extra photos (yet again).

24 June 2007

Natasha 0 to 3 months page updated with a couple of extra photos (again).

I can see this being a recurring theme. New family photo and bath time.

19 June 2007

Natasha First Photos page updated with a couple of extra photos.

09 June 2007

Natasha First Photos page updated with the first photos of our new baby.

27 May 2007

Lazy Mekong Days (Simon's bar) pages updated with new photos.

Navigation menus and copyright years also added to all pages. There's also a new photo of daddy Simon.

05 May 2007

Family and Friends page updated with new thumbnails and photos.

08 Apr 2007

Technical update.

Kati's links updated including Facebook. Constructive Solutions optimised for handheld devices, (pocket PC). New stylesheet added for printing. Metadata headers tidied up and made consistent.

16 Mar 2007

Technical update for Pocket PC.

WebTV stylesheet now used for handheld browsers - single column without floats. Jump-to lists customised for handheld PCs. Also MSN Messenger online notification icon added to main page and smaller W3C validation logo introduced.

11 Mar 2007

Baby-Beer Natasha Scans 3D scan images added.

There are some 3D ultrasound images from the 28 week scan on the 6th March.

23 Jan 2007

Mini Beer scan image added.

There is an ultrasound thermal print from the 20 week scan on the 22nd January. Information included on cleft lip and palate.

12 Dec 2006

Brixham Nan funeral photos added.

Maraline Pengelly passed away on 29th November 2006. She was our Brixham Nan and Bubbles or Aunty Bobs to others. There are some photos of her funeral and fond family memories.

09 Dec 2006

Mini Beer scan images added.

Heather is pregnant. We are expecting our new arrival on 27th May 2007. There are some ultrasound images from the 12 week scan on the 13th November 2006.

09 Sep 2006

Jasmine BeerHamster photos added.

Our new baby hamster hits the scene with her youthful good looks and friendly nature.

28 Aug 2006

Christabel and Neil's wedding photos added.

Heather's cousin Neil Daugherty married Christabel Dirwayi last Saturday. We had a lovely time meeting some fabulous people.

23 Jun 2006

My DVD movies updated.

Table can now be sorted without losing the hyperlink destinations. DVD shopping links updated.

08 Jun 2006

For Your Home endorsement added.

This online shop cares enough to get things right when orders go astray.

01 Jun 2006

Animated navigation header replaced. Lists updated.

The old graphical navigation header has been replaced by a CSS-styled text list with CSS background rollovers. Also "Jump down to" subheading links reformatted into styled lists. Collections of links are now styled definition lists or unordered lists as appropriate. Rather than using paragraphs for everything I am trying to give more meaning to the information by identifying it semantically. It also makes it easier to form the stylesheet entries.

30 May 2006

Smurf page updated.

My smurf page is unexpectedly getting a some interest so I have made it easier to find, (from interests), and have included better photos.

29 May 2006

Claire's custom designed jewellery updated.

I've added the latest pieces Claire sent me photos of. I have also styled the photos in bordered pink boxes.

28 May 2006

Main page tidied up. Old one archived for posterity.

I have rearranged some links, demoted the terms of use, replaced the JavaScript logo and added an explananation of the scripts used by the site. I slowed down the speed of the photos changing too. I put the favourite icon link back too. Don't know where that got to.

27 May 2006

Colour scheme changed to brown and orange.

More beer-like, I thought. Although I should probably change the CSS to use hex codes rather than unsupported web colour names.

26 May 2006

Personal Computer specifications updated and Computer Shopping Links too.

I bought a new PC back in December 2005. I thought it was about time I updated the details. I'm very pleased with it.

24 May 2006

Search and quick search pages updated with search boxes for Wikipedia, British dictionary, Froogle shopping and Google maps.

I use the quick search as my browser home page and thought it about time for some extra lookup tools. I am blown away by the new mapping service from Google. Multimap move over - your days are numbered. Wikipedia is a new favourite resource and I'm often checking my (non-American) English spelling. I've styled the forms in some more transparent, round-cornered boxes.

20 May 2006

Prezzo restaurant slugfest pages added.

Read about Heather's authentic Italian slug experience here.

17 May 2006

Homie Romie page added for Romain.

All my other siblings now have a web page so here's a fun one for my brother. And with a black background too.

10 May 2006

Mes Petites Créations custom designed jewellery by Claire - website live.

Inspired by my sister's jewellery making skills and keen to present her work in a more accessible way than on her weblog I fancied having a go at a pink and girly website. The transparent, rounded corners proved a worthy technical hurdle.

29 Apr 2006

Lazy Mekong Daze bar and restaurant website live.

My mate Simon and his Cambodian wife have embarked upon an entrepreneurial adventure. An excellent opportunity to flex my electronic muscles. Menu, flyers, business cards and T-shirts also available.

22 Apr 2006

Beer, Devon photos added.  Some web images updated. Home page freshened up.

I have finally visited Beer. I don't think it was worth the wait. This is Beersville so I've included some photos for website completeness.

12 Apr 2006

dub3 web design site live.

A professional face for my web design work. I couldn't have the business web sites I've created linking back to the Beersville homepage now could I ? Also, do you have any idea how difficult it is to think up a unique name for a web-based enterprise ?

02 Apr 2006

Cliff Electronic Components website redesigned.

My biggest commercial project to date. Lots of juicy data to work with meant a week of working through the night. A new consistent, professional, branded feel with matching tables, search facility and clear product pages.

22 Mar 2006

Hubbard Computer Services website live.

A commercial web presence for my good friend, Jason Hubbard. There are only a couple of pages to begin with but I'm happy with the look and there is a good structure to build on. I created a personal browser start page as well.

01 Mar 2006

Estelle Newington (John and Vicky's baby daughter) photos added.

Cute baby. Well behaved. Lots of hair. Great parents.

06 Sep 2005

Matt and Jane wedding photos added.

04 Sep 2005

Heather's Hen Night photos added.

31 Aug 2005

Steve's Stag Night photos added.

15 Aug 2005

Matthew Bass' Stag Night photos added.

07 May 2005

Viana do Castelo, Northern Portugal photos added.

Hyperlinks verified and updated as necessary, (including MSN search boxes).

04 Apr 2005

T-shirt collection photos added, (no, really).

20 Mar 2005

Lily's Second Birthday photos added.

Cosmos hamster photos added.

26 Dec 2004

Family Xmas photos added.

05 Nov 2004

Steve and Heather's engagement photos added.

Simon's Laos photos added

14 Oct 2004
Alex and Emma Howden (née Besley) wedding photos added
21 Sep 2004
In-page navigation aids added - "jump down to" and "go to top of page" from heading links. ID tags used for linking to specific topics. Web TV browser from msn now catered for with additional style sheet to get around the lack of support for the float element.
17 Sep 2004
John and Vicky Newington wedding photos added.
16 Sep 2004
Tables replaced by style sheet classes where they were only being used for layout purposes.
13 Sep 2004
Search page updated - better search engine links and Babel fish translation service added.
01 Sep 2004
Simon and George travelling photos added.
28 Aug 2004
Birth date online Excel spreadsheet added for information on an entered date of birth. For IE users only.

25 Aug 2004

External links, (to pages outside Beersville UK), now have a different underline format.

Style sheet compacted.

IE-only menu navigation removed. Some IE-only JavaScripts and associated instructions qualified for IE users only.


21 Aug 2004

All pages checked for compatibility with Netscape Navigator, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. Some (ok, lots of) layout changes made.

All pages updated to XHTML 1.0 using style sheets and validated by the Web Design Group and the World Wide Web Consortium.

All font tags replaced by style sheet entries.


11 Aug 2004

Simon travelling hyperlinks added including maps.


09 Aug 2004

Simon travelling news updated and world clock added, (IE and Opera browsers only).


07 Aug 2004

End of the Road band nostalgic song mp3s available for download, (broadband recommended).


04 Aug 2004

First news from Simon in Bangkok.

TrekAmerica pages back in main website.

Customised 404 page not found added.

GeoBytes geographical data links removed from Family and Friends page due to unwanted pop-ups and redirection.

All hyperlinks verified and updated as necessary.


30 Jul 2004

NEW web site domain: www.Beersville.co.uk and email addresses.

New ISP (Internet Service Provider): www.Plus.Net with ADSL broadband home.

Computer hardware specification updated.

CGI forms and counters changed from Demon to PlusNet.

External sites updated to refresh to www.Beersville.co.uk.


19 Jul 2004

Preparations for hosting change.

Progenuity web site removed.


05 Jul 2004

Summer BBQ 2004 photos added.


11 Jun 2004

Simon's World Tour page added.


06 Jun 2004

Etchinghill Arts page updated - new look, "about" and "links" pages under construction.


15 Feb 2004

DVD movie list updated on TV and Cinema page.


16 Jan 2004

Background wallpaper problem fixed.


17 Dec 2003

Zoom feature added to pictures on Beer and DIY pages.


06 Dec 2003

Email addresses updated.


28 Nov 2003

Calendar and dates added to this What's New page to display holidays, birthdays etc.

Kati's personal pages elephantised.

Backgrounds changed for Roger, Helga, Marc & Heather.


21 Nov 2003

Simon's Birthday photos added, (4th June 2003).

Mark and Helen Wedding photos added, (31st May 2003).

Matt's 2003 birthday pub-crawl photos added, (12th April 2003).

A couple of photos added to the Family page.

Katarina's pages tidied up a bit.


17 Nov 2003

Television & Cinema page updated with rollover sounds and drag-able pictures, . Sounds added to other pages too. Currently JavaScript-enabled IE only.


11 Nov 2003

Summer BBQ party 2003 photos added, (9th August 2003).

BBQ 2002 photos removed or moved here.

St. Andrews photos added, (17th August 2003).


09 Nov 2003

Calahonda, Spain holiday photos added, (20-27th September 2003)


07 Nov 2003

Search & Site Map page updated and new Web Search home page created - web search engine links & forms updated.

Flexwindows added to What's New and Katarina's page for content update by email.

Cascading menus added to Search & Site Map and Terms of Use pages.

Homepage graphics tidied up.


26 Oct 2003

Mrs Hickman's "accident" - my car damage photos added, (11th May 2003).

Heather's car (28th March 2003) and Taj Mahal (16th April 2003) photos added.

Smokey Hamster photos added.


18 Oct 2003

Beer page revamped.

Archiving including:

Hever Castle photos removed, (26th August 2002).

Heather's 2002 birthday photos removed.

John & Sylvia's re-Wedding photos removed, (June 2002).

Mark & Hester's Wedding photos removed, (September 1996).

Skiing in Sauze D'Oulx, Italy photos removed, (March 1996).

Finbarr & Helen's wedding photos removed, (August 1995).

Ipswich & Alton Towers photos removed, (August 1994).

Brize Norton photos removed, (May 1994).

London to Brighton Bike Ride photos removed, (June 1992).


31 Aug 2003

Cycling page added for my Trek 7300 FX bicycle


27 Aug 2003

Interests sections updated -

Television and Cinema,   Computers and GadgetsCarFood & Drink  Music  LiteratureConsumer Affairs & Humour

Beers and Steves page updated.

Links page updated.

Katarina's Links updated.

Etchinghill Arts page tidied up.

Fonts problems tidied up.


23 Jul 2003

Adam and Emma Hewitt's wedding photos (20th June 2003) - collage photo and link to www.TonyWood.com .

Smokey Hamster baby photo added.


30 Mar 2003

Lily Beer - new baby photos of my niece added, (25th March 2003).


08 Nov 2002

TrekAmerica photos - original web pages reinstated to alternative server. Summary removed from main server.

Animated header navigation bar added and JavaScript tidied up, (including image preloads).


23 Oct 2002

Katarina's matriculation at Oxford university photos added, (19th October 2002).

Downs Link Bike Ride - more photos added, (8th September 2002).

Katarina's school friends photo pages consolidated.


15 Oct 2002

Downs Link Bike Ride photos added, (8th September 2002).

Hever Castle photos added, (26th August 2002).

Tenerife photos added, (April 1997).

Skiing in Sauze D'Oulx, Italy photos added, (March 1996).

Miami, Florida photos added, (March 1996).

Melbourne, Australia photos added, (December 1996), including Waterskiing photos.

Photography Archive added.

London Pub Crawl photos removed, (Easter 2002).

Kings Lynn trip photos removed, (1995).

Dublin holiday photos removed, (December 1994).

Castleton holiday photos removed, (August 1991).

Somerset holiday photos removed, (July 1991).

Devon holiday photos removed, (May 1990).

Skiing in Avoriaz holiday photos removed, (March 1989).


09 Oct 2002

Search page updated - new site search from FreeFind seeing as Google seems to have abandoned me.


31 Aug 2002

Family and Friends Email and Websites updated.

Hyperlinks verified and corrected as necessary.

New combined Parties page created for summaries and links to full pages. Summaries for:

New Year's Eve

Steve and Simon's Birthday 2000

Millennium Eve

Grovehill Road 70's Party

Adam's Party

Simon's Sheepathon

Reigate Heath BBQ

Ringwood Lodge Party

Xmas 1991

Grovehill Road Party

New combined Weddings page created for summaries and links to full pages.


30 Aug 2002

DIY page updated with house decoration.

Mark & Hester's Wedding photos added, (September 1996).

Rock-climbing photos added, (March & June 1996)

Clay (Pigeon) Shooting at the Holt photos added, (June 1996).

Sailing to the Isle of Wight photos added, (October 1995).

Marc's Baptism photos added, (April 1995).

Class of '59 Murder Mystery photos removed, (September 2001).

The Blount's Xmas 2000 photo page removed.


25 Aug 2002

Adrian & Sophie's Wedding photos added, (August 2002).

Summer BBQ Party 2002 photos added, (July 2002).

Heather's birthday 2002 photos added.

London Pub Crawl photos added, (Easter 2002).

Ruth photo pages updated, (August 2002).


31 Jul 2002

Ruth photo pages updated.

Edinburgh holiday photos added, (April 2002).


26 Jul 2002

Progenuity corporate web pages updated slightly, including a Beersville link.

Summer BBQ Parties 1997-2001 pages consolidated to save space.

Rennes, Brittany photos removed, (July 2001).

Skiing in Morzine photos removed, (March 2000).

Various space-saving measures taken, (some photos reduced).


25 Jul 2002

John & Sylvia's re-Wedding photos added, (June 2002).

Early Days photos added.

Marc & Anna's engagement party photos added, (Summer 1995).

Finbarr & Helen's wedding photos added, (August 1995).

Xmas 1991 Party photos added.

Heather's photos changed.


24 Jul 2002

Heather's Graduation photos moved, (January 2000).

University of Sussex photo pages consolidated to save space.

Millau photo pages consolidated to save space.

Skiing in Meribel photo pages consolidated to save space.

Ruth photo pages consolidated to save space.


23 Jul 2002

Holiday photos added:

Dublin (December 1994).

Southwold (September 1994).

Brize Norton (May 1994).

Ipswich & Alton Towers (August 1994).

Dordogne, France (August 1991).

Castleton (August 1991).

Somerset (July 1991).

Brecon Beacons camping (May 1991).

Devon (May 1990).

Skiing in Avoriaz (March 1989).


01 Jul 2002

End of the Road band photos added.

Places and People page updated.

Heather's Family photos added.

BBQ 1991 photos added to Simon's Sheepathon.

Grovehill Road Party photos added, (June 1990).


24 Jun 2002

GoKarting photos added (Matt's birthday, April 2002).

Steve and Simon's Big Birthday party photos added, (1991).


04 Jun 2002

Ruth's photos updated.

Kati's Fancy Dress Party photos added.

Other cars, (including Dan's Polo), added to previous cars page.

Summer BBQ 2001 page updated.

Millennium photo added.

"Summer" BBQ 1998 photos added.

Kings Lynn trip photos added, (1995).

Adam party photos added, (1994).


01 Jun 2002

Car photos of the completed modifications to my Golf VR6 added.

Summer BBQ 2002 - Heathers Birthday Party invite added.

Pub Crew photo page added.

Places and People page added.

Redhill page updated.

Simon's Sheepathon Summer BBQ 1994 page added

Ringwood Lodge Party page added, (December 1993). Including Grovehill Road 70's Party, (August 1994).

School Daze page updated with Hindleap Warren photos.


15 Feb 2002

Algarve, Portugal holiday photos added, including our visit to Zoomarine, (November 2001),

Class of '59 Murder Mystery photos added, (September 2001).

Rennes, Brittany photos added, (July 2001).

Gliding photos added.

Mark and Kath Cousins' wedding photos added.

Aqua Randonné (river traverse) photos added.

New Year's Eve 2000 photos added.

Wales holiday photos added, (Summer 1999).

Marc and Anna's wedding photos added.

Bungee jump photos added.

Cornwall photos added, (1993).

South Downs Way walk photos added, (May 1992).

London to Brighton Bike Ride photos added, (June 1992).

Turkey holiday photos added, (1993).

College Years photos added.

School Days photos added.

PaintBall (c.1989) photos added.

Canterbury photos added.

Summer BBQ 2001 page updated.

Summer BBQ 2000 photos added.

Summer BBQ 1998 photos added.

TrekAmerica photo summary page replaces full account.

Murder at Midnight photos page updated.

Family and Friends pages updated.

Search page updated.

Andrew and Sara's wedding - fuzzy webcam pictures (and sound) removed.

Brandon Ethel page removed.

Womble hamster page removed.

Independent Insurance pages removed.

Photography folders rearranged.


21 Apr 2001

Murder at Midnight photos added - murder mystery dinner party set in 1776

Teasle (the hamster) photo page added

New photos of my niece Ruth 


30 Mar 2001

Meribel skiing photo page added


09 Feb 2001

Andy & Sara's wedding photo page updated


04 Feb 2001

Andy & Sara's wedding photo page added


11 Jan 2001

MotoCross photo page added


26 Dec2000

The Blount's Xmas 2000 photo page added


20 Dec2000

Independent Insurance pages added


17 Dec 2000

University of Sussex pages added


07 Dec 2000

Links page updated


29 Nov 2000

Etchinghill Arts page added for Mark Ethell


28 Nov 2000

Baby photos of my niece, Ruth added


27 Nov 2000

Main homepage redesigned as Beersville UK.

About me updated

Beers page updated

Marc's homepage updated


21 Nov 2000

Major update:

Trek America photos added

Family and Friends photos updated

Katarina's homepage updated

Heather's homepage updated

Family and Friends contacts updated

Links page updated

all subfolder main pages renamed to index.htm


22 Oct 2000

Katarina's homepage added


20 Aug 2000

Brandon photos added.

Skiing in Morzine photos added, (March 2000).


23 Apr 2000

Steve website live


25 Aug 1999

Progenuity website live