Goodmans "Customer Service"

Addressee only


Roger Fearn Esq.

Managing Director

Goodmans Industries Ltd.

Units 2 & 3, Mitchell Way




21st June 1995

 Reference : Defective CD Controller: GCD510


Dear Mr Fearn,


Having had no satisfactory response from your service manager and operations director, I have no choice but to contact you personally.


On 28/12/94 I bought a Goodmans in-car CD multiplayer from Halfords in Redhill.


Upon installation, it was discovered that the audio leads were faulty.  These were eventually repaired by yourselves after some discussion with Halfords.


After only five months of subsequent use, I noticed that the remote controller unit showed signs of defective construction at the cable connection: the rubber sheath had become disconnected, leaving the wires open to further damage.


On 27/5/95 I returned the controller to Halfords who forwarded it to your repair department. I requested that the unit be replaced or repaired quickly as I was due to go on a motoring holiday but, as it turned out, they were unable to oblige.


I had more than 10 telephone conversations with Halfords chasing the progress of the controller and it became apparent that the delay was being caused by your company. Two sales assistants, the branch manager and the senior purchaser from Halfords' head office all had no satisfactory response from your repair department.


Eventually, on 15/6/95 Halfords received a replacement controller. According to the Goodmans repair slip, this was a brand "new replacement". When I went to pick it up, however, it was immediately apparent that the controller was second hand, being scratched and suffering from the original fault. Halfords Redhill manager Lee Homden, agreeing that this was unsatisfactory, phoned Goodmans repair department.  A gentleman there by the name of Nick consulted with your general manager of goods and service, Mr Steve Wisby.  Following this, Nick assured Halfords that a new controller would be received at an address of my choice within 24 hours.  Four days later I had received nothing and heard nothing.


On the morning of 19/6/95 I rang Goodmans direct, to speak to Mr Wisby but, as he was unavailable, I finally spoke to your operations director, Mr Ian Huck.  Mr Huck, appearing to be somewhat unconcerned at my tale of woe, informed me that the person I should speak to was indeed Mr Wisby and he would be instructed to contact me. When Mr Wisby called, I explained that the promised unit had not arrived and he said he would get back to me. By the end of the afternoon I had heard nothing so I called again. In Mr Wisbys further absence, Mr Huck assured me that the matter would be dealt with. When Mr Wisby did contact me, he informed me that UPS had mislaid the package sent on Thursday and they were unable to trace it. He promised that another brand new controller would be sent, and I should receive it the following day.


In the evening of 20/6/95 I collected the package from the delivery address.  Inside was a scratched, dirty, second hand controller suffering from the original fault.   I need hardly declare my disappointment.


I am extremely displeased by the way I have been treated by Goodmans. I have not been able to use my CD player for a month and there is no sign of an early resolution to the matter.  A considerable amount of my time has been wasted, not to mention the constant disappointment suffered and the substantial telephone and postage costs incurred.


I enclose the controller for your attention and look forward to receiving your timely response.


Yours sincerely




I am still waiting for Goodmans' timely response.



Goodmans is part of the Alba group of companies which include Grundig, Bush, Ministry of Sound Audio, Harvard Maritime and Roadstar.