Food and Drink

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Favourite Food

I like the traditional curry houses and the new posh Indian cuisine. I tend to go for something medium hot which I can dunk my naan in.
Oh that crispy deep fried chilli beef. I tend to go for beef, duck and pork dishes as everyone else always goes for chicken.Again, I like it a bit spicy. Shredded Peking Duck with pancakes - mmmm.
Pud Thai, Naam Pla, and either red or green curry.
Thin crust pizzas the size of dustbin lids and pasta with meat and chilli.
Fajitas, enchiladas, onion rings and giant burgers
Off-the-bone ham, egg and chips or scampi. But always with a nice pint of beer.
Small donner with salad, fresh chili & chili sauce, or a garlic kofte, or meat and chips with burger sauce.


Favourite Wines

I prefer red to white.

Australian such as Hardy's Nottage Hill or a Penfolds.

I'm really not keen on the sweet German wines.



I'm not a chocolate snob who goes for cocoa solid percentages and continental niceties.

I like English sweet milk chocolate; notably Cadbury and Galaxy.

I like Cadbury Biscuit, Boost, Twirl, Starbar, Crunchie, Caramel, Fudge, Curly Wurly ...

I love Minstrels.

I also enjoy Mars Bars and Snickers on occasion.

Bring back orange flavour Toffee Crisp Toffee Crisp for good  !

And soft toffee treats too


Retro Food 'n' Drink

Do you remember as a kid ...