Westgate Gardens


The Young Ones ... Marc, Anna, John, Julie and Matthew


permanently party time


v. impressive


lots of occupational therapists in the making


one of the weird tree sculptures


The Winter's Tale - Marc plays Autolycus in the college play 13Mar93    A Beaux Strategem - Marc plays Aimwell in the college play 16Mar94

Postcard from Canterbury

(of London),  by Marc,  16Nov1993


Yo Neve,

What's going up ? How R U hanging ? Like, safely wick, man, with a quarter-pounder, sunny-side up,

double semi-cool, triple choc, one extra free, student discounted, kicking, sorted, walking, talking,

shaking it down to dem funky house beat box, reggae, Rasta, reconstituted salad bar dressing,

household family sized, mine's a snake bite and black-eye-rolling, strolling, hiking, biking, liking,

disliking, gotta keep a running, keep the matches lighting, megga, raga, rugger, rubber, twelve inch

extended vinyl, American imported, finger licking, guitar picking, xmas shopping, bungee hopping,

sugar stopping, library bopping, badly dropping kinda day.

Yo, catch my drift ?

(?) Boy, I think student life is getting to me.

yes, montage fans, you're in for a real treat