Aqua Randonée

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Romain and Claire enthuse over MachoMan

gorge walking, French style, near Millau, France, July 2000

how to sit on a waterfall - lesson one

It's an increasingly popular sport where you walk, climb jump and swim down a river course.

uncle Fred and his amazing dives

Being constantly in and out of the water means that a wetsuit helps keep warm.

Uncle Fred and Francoise do this regularly.

Fred shows off    Gilles contemplates the next jump

They usually wear hiking boots for grip and support.

hold ze nose    smile for ze camera

Wearing socks helps keep the gravel out of your feet.

cheesy, Baby !    sunbathing and warming ourselves on the hot rocks

The waterfalls need to be traversed in a particular fashion to stay safe.

Fred divingFred diving     safely navigating the fall

You can make the jumps as exciting as you like.

End jump - what a doozie !