Steve and Heather's Summer BBQs

our new marquee

the annual tradition since 1997

Sarah, Andrew, Anna & Marc

and at Simon's on Reigate Heath before that !

the Gurr family - what's ankle-biter doing with that beer ?    Dolina, Stuart, Brighty & Sylvia


rounders in the field


Adam practises his cooking technique    Heather gets persuasive with the water pistol


Fwoar Baby, show me those big tongs


me 'n' Si    Roger and Anna


Smoke them out


Ruth & Heather    Messy BabyMessy Baby


Kewl Dudes


sunglasses city


Finbarr, Phil, Dolina, Sylvia, Helga, m and Kati


Matt 'n' Hev    Naf    Andy and Sara


David & Melissa    John, stepping in admirably for chef duty


smiley happy people


ver boys


Hev 'n' Em


although that's enough to put you off your food