Jane and Matt Bass' Wedding

just married

Saturday 3rd September 2005

the beautiful people,the beautiful people

The Mansion, Leatherhead and Nutfield Lodge, Redhill

two Cousins and a Duffell


waiting for the bride and groom


inside Leatherhead register office, a.k.a. The Mansion


signing the register (again)    Argh. Oh it's only Steve's self portrait.


Simon is tickled pink by Susannah's headdress


nephews, Luke and Sam


bridesmaids and father of the bride


posing newlyweds    the future Mr and Mrs Beer


bruv n sis    Jane and her rocks


George in a dress    John in a title


Matty B    Bass family posings    mother of the groom and best man


all the girls


Marc n Matt


Heather and Ian


da car


not a PandaMobile in sight


Nutfield Lodge garden


Nathan-Three-Puddings needs a pint in each hand


suave, sophisticated, debonair - Graham cools it up    cake time


RGS/EotR boys    Kate and Mike


Matt preparing for his speech    John's best man speech


Heather and Jane - childhood friends


lucky man


don't drop her


green Beer    thirsty Matt


happy Newingtons


bop time


smoochie smoochie    happy dancing


nutty dancing


smiley girls