Matt Bass Stag Night

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Da Boys. Group shot. Everyone huddle together. Nathan, where the hell are you ?

13th August 2005

Planning the route from Reigate Hill


Chad and Rob's new hair style


Mini Cheddar traffic jam


setting up camp

Strawberry Fields Forever, Lymington - Thanks to Suzy Wheeler

Strawberry HQ and Pimms tent


Gazebo construction in the rain


the Event tent


tent for one


beer time


hats and mugs    Tony manning the BBQ


Matt's tasty buttocks (apparently)

Matthew Bass, Marc Beer, Steve Beer, Marc Caldwell, Mike Collyer, Mark Cousins, Rob Duncan, Darren Jones, Karl King, Nathan Lawrence, Karl Mugele, John Newington, Martin Parrott, Tony Rolfe, Barry Taylor, James Tullett, Jason Writer, Tim and Chad

bouncy girls and boys


Matt's new olympic eventMatt's new olympic event


Matt's drenching in the stocksMatt's drenching in the stocks


Matt escaping with the stocks but not his dignity


Bass full o' beer    our three Ringwood Brewery 36-pint-polypins - Best, Fortyniner and Old Thumper


Ro Shambo

Bands raising money for Oakhaven Hospice:

Matt's jumping fire


The Morning After

widdle snoozy baby-kins    ooh, I think my head hurts




waking up is hard to do


necessary shades


beverage pose




fresh air at the seaside


there and back again


lunch at the Oak Inn, Bank (near Lyndhurst)