Murder at Midnight

Murder mystery dinner party (14 April 2001).

Costumes courtesy of Party Goers in Merstham.

Captain Pigwash - a salty sea dog who says what he likes and likes what he says.    Beryl Sheep - an actress whose reputation preceeds her    Abraham Washington - a radical young lawyer who has attracted the disapproval of the government for his political agitations

The Captain's stateroom aboard the Lady Midnight, Boston harbour, July 4th 1776

Abraham and Aretha Washington - a fierce champion of the position of women in society.    Beryl Sheep and Aretha Washington    Lord Bristol Twin-Bore and Lady Josephine Twin-Bore

Lord "Lucky" Farquhar has been found hanging in his cabin.


The suspects are:

Reverend Anthony Blairwitch - a fervent evangelist - spreads the love of God.

Captain Pigwash, Abraham Washington, Aretha Washington, Diana Rose, Beryl Sheep, Rev Anthony Blairwitch, Lord Bristol Twin-Bore and Lady Josephine Twin-Bore.

Lord Bristol Twin-Bore - a somewhat disreputable British aristocrat.

An authentic meal of dried pea soup, mutton stew and apple crumble is accompanied by ...

Diana Rose (in yellow) - a glamourous star of the stage in both London and Paris.

... more ale !

Lady Josephine Twin-Bore - Lord Bristol's alarmingly beautiful younger sister and secretary.    Captain Pigwash-the-Letcherous


Rev. Anthony Blairwitch and Diana Rose    Abraham and Aretha Washington


what IS he doing ???    oh dear, oh dear, oh dear