Zoomarine is a marine park near Albufeira in Portugal.

Heather and Steve get aquainted with Hamlet the dolphin

Whilst there we took part in an "interaction with dolphins" experience, a.k.a. swimming with dolphins.

Heather and HamletHeather and Hamlet     Hamlet pushing Heather around in a circle

This included an theory lesson in dolphin anatomy and behaviour

Heather's dolphin interaction certificatedolphin

as well as the physical interaction you can see here.

Steve and Hamlet    Steve Hamlet and Luna playingSteve Hamlet and Luna playing

Hamlet and Luna love to play and we enjoyed ourselves too.

the interaction side of the dolphin pool    the other side of the dolphin pool


happy dolphins


no dolphins - birds instead            ticket


dolphin training school


jumping    jumping through hoops


comin' at ya


it's not just the dolphins who can jump through hoops    two show dolphins give a trainer a helping push


surfing, Portugese style


sub-aqua, Portugese style

look at me



I'm a seal    seal


parrot    sea lion


sea lion jumping


sea lion playing basketball


sea lion saing bye


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