Xmas 2004

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Xmas Eve at Godstone

Steve and Anna grinning into the camera (self portrait)

with Anna, Marc, Ruth, Lily, David, Nick and a brief appearance from the Reigate Beers.

Ruth harrasses Marc from behind the chairAnna and Heather sitting in armchairs. Heather is wearing her funky new trousers embellished with sequins.


Lily, (almost two years old), unwraps a Terry's chocolate orange    Anna gives Lily a slice of chocolate orange


Lily holds out her hand with the chocolate protruding from her mouth.    Ruth leans over the end of the sofa

Xmas Eve .AVI mini-movies from Marc's digital camera (no sound). 60 seconds (8.6Mb) and 48 seconds (7.1Mb). You might have to save them first, (right click):

still from a movie clip showing Ruth and Lily playing with their new mini sofa bed (part one)    still from a movie clip showing Ruth and Lily playing with their new mini sofa bed (part two)

These show the girls having fun with their new mini sofa bed - a present from Nana Marion - I think they like it Mum !

David Pigram sits in his rocking chair    Heather stands by her mum's xmas tree with a large pile of her presents


Xmas day with Sylvia and John

Heather, Sylvia and John sitting at the table for Xmas lunch


Heather and Steve, looking full

and at Ian's

Heather and dad, Ian, sitting on his sofa

with Lucky, the cat

a small black cat called Lucky


Boxing Day in Hangleton

Adam shows Heather his travelling photos on a laptop

with Roge, Sam, Kelly, Susie, Adam, Chrissie, Roger, Kati, the Godstone Beers and us two

Roger and Chrissie in the kitchen preparing nibbles


Kati plays with Ruth on the floor


Steve shows off his shirts (and his big fat tummy).    close up of T-shirt saying Best Beer


Marc, Adam and Heather