Cheddar holiday

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Honeyhurst Farm and cider orchards

Cider Barrel Cottage, Honeyhurst Farm, Rodney Stoke, Somerset

back garden

13th-20th September 2008

Cider Barrel Cottage

Natasha's first holiday

Tasha and Teddy   Natasha playing in the garden


Teddy guards the fort


Tasha getting to grips with a new type of chair


the brook   greetings from Bentley the bearded collie dog


Lola the dog is a skilled footballer


Natasha and Bentley


Lola and Natasha play ball   muddy Natasha and Mummy   Natty T and Daddy


Court Farm

Tiny Tasha and tremendous Trigger   horsing around


Exeter and the beach at Brean

Natasha on the slide   Natasha playing with sandy rocks on Brean beach


Honeyhurst again

Honeyhurst back garden




Honeyhurst front garden


Heather and Natasha pub lunching


Cheddar Reservoir and Axbridge



Steve and Natasha walking around Cheddar reservoir


Cheddar Gorge from the reservoir


Natasha having fun with Mummy


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