Viana do Castelo, Northern Portugal

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Adrian, Sophie, Heather and Steve at Santa Luzia

visiting Adrian and Sophie Povah

view of Viana beach from Santa Luzia

27th April-3rd May 2005

Heather at Santa Luzia


Igreja de Santa Luzia (with negative sky)


Snack time !Snack time !


view from the Povah residence


The Town

Viana marina


the Portugese are very proud of their washing


Viana do Castelo looking up to Monte de Santa Luzia    it's just an old door


Viana market - wickerware, linen, clothes and shoes


Heather and Steve in the town square


Heather and Adrian in the town square


The Beach

Viana from across the river Lima


Heather demonstrates her BBQ lighting ability - one match


Atlantic protection surf dudes


Adrian and Sophie (bodyboarding, seven months pregnant)    Petanque on the beach


surf dude wannabe    The Kev - Kevin the female cockatiel



the fort at Valenca


Ponte de Lima

the bridge at Ponte de Lima


cake eating, beer swilling national dancers invade our quiet cafe table


Portugese men



Porto on the river Douro


Porto town centre


Porto giant wire sculpture


nautical baby blanket knitted by Heather and Sophie