The South Downs Way

The Beginning of The Way (Winchester end)    Winchester cathedral    The end of The Way (Eastbourne end)

23-28th May 1992

Camp Site Number One - on top of an underground water reservoir

Paul and I decided to walk the South Downs Way,

That's the bridge we played Pooh-sticks from

carrying everything we needed in our packs, we set off from Winchester

Eastbourne in sight

and made our way to Eastbourne.

Silly pose number one    Paul demonstrates the use of the dog stile    The Sussex desert

It took us four and a half days to walk the hundred odd miles.

A night on the town at East Meon    Alfriston - ahh, ain't it purdy    The morning after the night before in the youth hostel garden

Paul's culinary skills, (chocolate porridge and sausage casserole), kept us going.

Paul and That Hat    Lawrence of Arabia - I think not !    it's Mr Whippy !!!

Along with some melted mars bars, ice creams and pub lunches.

a useful supply of fresh water - a cattle-trough    Finding some shade to consult the map    Silly pose number two

The weather was excellent, except for a bit of sunburn.

arty photie    Oooh Arrrr, gerrof mye lan'    Jack or Jill windmill

Best not to say too much about our attire.


We drank from stand pipes and cattle troughs, (thank goodness for Steri-tabs).

dont do it (that's not a parachute on your back)

Washing wasn't a top priority.

trees (man)

The scenery was breathtaking. We had an exhilarating time.

paddle paddle paddle paddle paddle !


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