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Heather and I went on a camping trek (the Pioneer Trail) across northern America in August 1999.

Here are the places we visited and the people we met.

Select the thumbnails for further summaries or select the titles for the full page tour.

Larger versions of any photos can be emailed on request.

General [thumbnail]    General (the tour starts here)

Glimmer Lake [thumbnail]    Glimmer Lake (State Park)

Stumpy Pond [thumbnail]    Stumpy Pond

Buffalo [thumbnail]    Buffalo (Four Mile Creek State Park)

Niagara Falls [thumbnail]    Niagara Falls

Toronto [thumbnail]    Toronto (Indian Line Camp)

Montreal [thumbnail]    Montreal (KOA Camp of America)

Quebec [thumbnail]    Quebec City (KOA)

Acadia [thumbnail]    Acadia (Hadley's Point)

Boston [thumbnail]    Boston (Normandy Family Farm)

Province Town [thumbnail]    Province Town (Dune's Edge)

Whale Watching [thumbnail]    Whale Watching (Cape Cod)

New York [thumbnail]    New York

Central Park [thumbnail]    Central Park (New York)

Yankee Stadium [thumbnail]    Yankee Stadium (New York)


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