Places and People

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Jem, AJ, Paula, Paul & Si

The Black Horse Pub Crew, Reigate Heath

Sarah, Dean & Ro

Every Friday and Sunday Evening sometime around 1990

Ro 'n' F


Marc's 18th

Marc's 18th Birthday - future pub crew in the making



Leicester, November 1990



Bad Hair Day / Week /Year    Girls and Alcohol


Libreville, Gabon, West Africa

The SHO Telephonie crew at Xmas in Gabon


Bordeaux, France

Shopping in Bordeaux


Parempuyre, France

Parempuyre railway station - near Bordeaux


Millau, France

Millau stitched picture - didn't have a wide enough lense


La famille Carles, some time ago


North Lanes, Brighton

North Lanes, Brighton


Brixham, Devon

harbour view from Heath Rise


Berry Head


Sunset over Brixham harbour