University of Sussex 1988-1989

Paul Selwood

Mandella Hall (Falmer House) with the Gardner Arts Centre to the left

University of Sussex website (including campus and accommodation) or Friends Reunited

view from our block in PV with East Slope beyond    my room - 21B Park Village

21 Park Village:

Red Nose Day

A: Michelle.Merrilees     B: Steve Beer     C: Lucy Woolven     D: Peter Ridgewell

Michelle in pyjamas with Nil    Steve dressed wacky 80's style    ace Grace

E: Tracy Dohal    F: Grace Evans     G: Nilhan Dealwis Jahasinghe     H: Sarah Mason

Lucy, Michelle and Nil hanging out in the kitchen    Nil "poses" for the camera after one too many    Peter and Barry

I: Suzanne (after Paul du Heaume)     J: Barry Coppack     K: Melanie    L: Jacinta

Steve, Lana, Paul and Barbara


Lana, Mandy, Anthea and Michelle


Anfie LeesAnfie Lees    Pascal


Graham Sewell


Soph and Grace experiment with fashion    Tessa Kohn-Speyer and Lana Smith


party-frocks-R-us: Michelle, Jacinta and LucyRodLady Anthea and Princess BarbaraMichael Painting


Paul and Lucy in the computer lab


Paul and Michelle    my National Union of Students card    Fiona Cameron