Present Ideas


What can I get Steve for his birthday, xmas etc...?

Thanks for asking.

You could try my amazon wish list.

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However, I feel you should know that I'd really like a

Lotus Elise Lotus Eliseopen-top, two-seater, rear-engined sports car,

or maybe a Toyota MR2 Mk.III.Toyota MR2

And if you're feeling generous, then I'm sure I could make room for a Porche Boxter S.Porsche Boxter S


I'm having trouble finding

a replacement pump lock for my bicycle, (locks a pump to the frame with a key),

a tiny key-ring penknife less than an inch and a half long (4cm) with a bottle-top-opener / knife / screwdriver,

(like the one I got free from Champion timber merchants).

Sad, isn't it ?

There's always chocolate.


I Want One of


What's Hot - the Good Stuff

useful gadgets

DVD movies




What's Not - the No No's

burny things (candles and the like)

ornaments (the fireplace shelf is officially full - please move along)

glassware (we have enough thank you)