When the UK petrol station chain "National" gave these little blue critters away in the 70's my brother and I amassed the fair sized collection shown below. It also helped that our mum lived in France where "schtroumpfs" were sold in real shops too.


Steve and Marc's boyhood smurf collection


Although I am no longer an avid collector of the blue ones they still hold a place in my heart.


BatSmurf and Robin aren't available in the shops. I repainted them myself using water based acrylic paints from The Games Workshop. They were inspired by the custom hand painted smurfs on Jenifer's Smurfy Smurf Site.


Batman SmurfRobin Smurf


Some beer smurfs - see Oesi Smurfs for more homemade smurfiness:


Beer Smurf   Alcho Smurfs - Coke, Corona lager, and Bacadi rumGuinness Smurf Cheers Smurf


Here are the smurfs that stood upon our wedding cake:


bride and grroom smurf


Some smurf humour:


smurf aid


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