Heather's Hen Night

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Hester's hen

Saturday 27th August 2005


Setting Off

the bride to be

Royal Tunbridge Wells and Redhill.

Heather's hens setting off for the day


Charlie's Angels Training Camp

Heather's Angels in disguise

by Urban Adventures

drinks time in the bar


Fabio and his girls


the girls having a giggle    Fabio and The Badger


'Put some clothes on it !' yelled the copper.


the girls dress up Chad    out and about in Royal Tunbridge Wells

Photography by Ever-E1.

Hester's eaten all the chocolate


Anna, Heather and sparkly things

Organisation, sash and veil  by Anna.

the girls regress to childhood


the Charlie's Angels Polaroids


Ruth Beer - niece and love goddess    Lily Beer - bride to be - in quite a few years

Evening Antics

Heather's headdress


Kati and Jane

Kati's Steve Survival Kit (including cheesecake recipe)

nibbles time

Food and entertainment by Emma and friends.

girls and chocolate fondue - say no more

Chocolate Beer Hen Cake by Hester

Hester's chocolate beer hen cake    Emma's belly dance


cake monster Heather     Heather gets intimate with Chad ... or is it Dirk ?


Morning Pampering

breakfast in the garden


nutty girl


posy girls


fun-lovin' Hev

Thanks everyone. I had a perfect day and felt spoilt rotten.