Steve's Stag Night

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Lunchtime Drinking

the old stomping ground of the Black Horse - completely reburbished

Saturday 27th August 2005

John and Simon at their exclusive table

Reigate, Merstham, Pyecombe and Brighton

David behind the bar at the Limes    Steve and Beer

Photography and organisation by David Jones and Simon Duffell.

Matthew ducks down into frame

Pink boots with ball and chain engineered by D.P.J. Enterprises.

Steve gets FAR too excited about his wig and tutu    practising chat-up techniques on Adrian    get this hair out of my face

Tutu, wig and bossiness supplied by Essduff Hell.

hairy pool with a ball and chain


Beer in the Sun

mini-bussing it to the south coast

Transportation and camcorder footage by Marc Beer.

(most of) the motley crew

"SteveStag" video available separately. This product is not available in any shops.

the Plough at Pyecombe


drinking beer in the afternoon sun


Beach Beers

Steve poses with his hairy ball and chain    Simon's 'good' idea doesn't last long    no police - just their van on double yellow lines


the Volks bar on Brighton seafront


Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside


Beer brothers


Hairnet Honey and Guinness Gorgon


After Dinner Pubs

poppadom time at the Agra curry house

Poppadoms and excellent curry by Agra Balti House Tandoori Restaurant in Ship Street.

my favourite ball and chain - Heather and Beer


boys night out with the ol' ball and chain along for the ride


I've pulled ! Two very nice Italian ladies.


ahh, Hen party numero uno


Oh yes! Another hen party.


Edible bra sweetie on her hen night.


Pier Pressure

girls and their letches on Brighton pier


drunken Daytona-style car-racing video-gaming ... thing


Yes, yes, yes! Air-hocky. Mind your heads please.    That won't please Heather. I can tell you that for nothing.


These pink books were made for dancing.


Diminutive Goth chick steals wig and father

Hot Diggity Dog

Jason gets jiggyJason gets jiggy


Now that's what I call a police woman    hideous transvestite seeks gorgeous girl in revealing bridalwear


Steve Jones generously shares his hot dog    The Jones Brothers - nabbed


bunny girl grabs attention with hot dog

Our Ocean's Eleven were: Matt Bass, Marc Beer*, Roger Beer, Steve Beer*, Andrew Carter*, Simon Duffell*, David Jones*, Steve Jones, John Newington*, Adrian Scott* and Jason Wadsworth. (* Lunch buddies)

Drink up, please. Last orders.

Heather-ball-and-chain gets some competition

Thanks guys. I had a really great time.