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Cosmos is the wool that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

No, no; wait a minute - that's The Matrix.

cosmos flowers

Cosmos is a flower. Spanish priests grew cosmos in their mission gardens in Mexico. The evenly placed petals led them to christen the flower "Cosmos," the Greek word for harmony or ordered universe. It comes in many colours but not black with a tiny white bit on the underside.



The Smoke(y) plant is the common name for the false fringe tree.

Teasle is a prickly plant native to Europe and Asia with flowers covered with hooked leaves, (bracts).

Womble is not a plant at all but then he was adopted.

Holly is an evergreen tree or shrub with glossy, prickly leaves and bright red berries.

Clover is a plant with three-lobed leaves and small rounded flower heads.

Bobby has nothing to do with all this botanical nonsense.

Bramble is a prickly shrub - usually with edible fruit.


So ... who is Cosmos ?


She is our fourth, (Heather's eighth).

She was born in late December 2004 and was just eight weeks old when we brought her home on the 18th January.

She is almost completely black except for a tiny shock of white under her chin and her pink paws, nose and tail.

She just loves her wheel, (she's in the small starter cage at the moment as we have to keep her away from a very interested Smokey-boy).

She also enjoys exploring in her new pink ball.

She is very excitable but hasn't bitten anyone (yet).

She likes to swing from the ceiling bars of her cage like a monkey.

She's our new baby hamster, of course. The latest addition to the Beer household.

Cosmos hamster


Cosmos Beer


Cosmos at home


monkey hamster    gnawing the bars


baby hammy