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We love Syrian hamsters. They're easy to look after, cheap to run and clean themselves. Each of our furballs has had a distinct personality and we treasure them. In our experience they only last between 18 and 24 months but we hope we give them a good life full of love, playtimes, good food, exercise and a big home to run about in.


Heather's Hamsters

Bramble - a prickly shrub - usually with edible fruit.

Bobby - nothing to do with all this botanical nonsense.

Clover - a plant with three-lobed leaves and small rounded flower heads.

Holly - an evergreen tree or shrub with glossy, prickly leaves and bright red berries.


Beersville Hamsters



Not named after a plant but then he was adopted.

Womble faceWomble fluffy



A prickly plant native to Europe and Asia having flowers covered with hooked leaves.

Teasle on Mummy's shoulderTeasle



The Smoke plant is also known as the false fringe tree.

Smokey BeerHamsterSmokey BeerHamsterSmokey BeerHamster



A flower named after the Greek word for harmony.

Cosmos BeerHamster



A white or yellow flower with a unique fragrance.

Jasmine BeerHamsterJasmine BeerHamster



Sweet, like chocolate.

Cocoa Sprinkles Beer   Cocoa chillin’ by the S-board


Cocoa hamster 2015


the big cage



Maple behind bars   Maple close-up


Maple and friends


climby hamster


new giant hamster cage


Hamster Links

bouncing hamster