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so, just who are the guys wearing blazers ? Certainly not Keith Fairman, Bill Dunn, Stephen Greaves (?) Jo Nixon, Richard Millar, Chewie (?), Damian (?), Paul Edwards, Yasmin Malik, Russell Clinton, (?), Fazia Balk (?), Gary Males, Sharon McBride, Lisa (?), (?), (?), Lisa Flynn (nee Snook), (?), Claire (?), Sarah Tanner, (?)

Form 3H, Redstone School (which became Warwick School), 1984 with Miss Snook, (now Lisa Flynn).

SB    MC    AB


Hindleap Warren:

Hindleap Warren - somewhere in Sussex, I think. A weeks outdoor adventuring including orientiering, archery, education and assault courses.

Reigate Priory School Week Away. circa1981.

errm, Sam, Heather?, me, ?, Analise?, Ian Rigby, and some others