Summer BBQ party 2004

BBQ 2004


previous summer BBQ parties

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Summer BBQ 2004
3rd July 2004
Summer BBQ 2003
9th August 2003
Summer BBQs of previous years
Murder at Midnight
14th April 2001
Steve and Simon's 30th Birthday
10th June 2000
Grovehill Road 70's Party
6th August 1994
Adam's Party
16th July 1994
Simon's Sheepathon
10th July 1994
Reigate Heath BBQ
28th July 1991
Ringwood Lodge Party
December 1993
Xmas 1991
at Grovehill Road
21st Birthday Party
8 June 1991
Grovehill Road Party
June 1990




Murder at Midnight



THE 21st birthday of last century



Steve and Simon's 30th Birthday Celebrations:

Ste, Vix & Si advertising Bod

10th June 2000

Simon & Heather


Bod / End of the Road / Steve singalong


Grovehill Road 70's Party:

6th August 1994

Groovy People (OK, so it's me 'n' Anna)    no, no, 70's clothes, not UGLY clothes


Adam's Party:

Weird beer pouring

16th July 1994

strange sandwich


Simon's Sheepathon:

Stuart, Kes, Fi, Si, Pip, Bob, Mark & Ro

10th July 1994

Anna gets broody over not having any bongos    BBQ time


Reigate Heath BBQ:

28th July 1991

hamsters    ferrets    munching


Ringwood Lodge Party:

Let your hair DOWN

December 1993

stage 1    stage 2


gotta strut


there were three in the bed and the little one said ...


Xmas 1991 Party:

Matt, Claire & Steve

at Grovehill Road

boogie wonderland


hair of the dog    draining the dregs


Grovehill Road Party:

party people

June 1990

Graham sobering up    Annetta touching up


birthday fun