Natasha Beer - 0 to 3 months

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Natasha is due to go into hospital, (in London with Heather), for two to three days on the 17th September 2007. She will have her lip cleft closed under general anaesthetic. Feeding may prove difficult immediately following the operation. We are not looking forward to this but it'll be nice to get it over and done with. After the stitches have gone the scar is likely to tighten the skin and cause a raised kink in her lip until the skin relaxes again. We don't yet have a date for the palate closing operation due when Tasha is between six and nine months old.


Natasha, Mummy and Daddy are all well, if a little frazzled at times. Natasha is feeding well from a squeezy bottle with an orthodontic teat. We are happy to receive visitors but would prefer to be contacted first.


burping   bath time

Here she is at 10 days old

mummy bed


At three weeks old:

sleeping   talking


Tasha B., five weeks old:

first time in a dress

Natasha, Tasha, Nati, Nat, TaNasha, Gnasha, Angel-pie, PITA-pocket, Poppety-pants ...


wakey wakey Natasha video clip

Wakey Wakey video clip (28 seconds, 1.2 Mb, WMV format)


Talk Time video clip

Natasha at eight weeks old: Talk Time video clip (55 seconds, 2.4 Mb, WMV format)


Angel Pie

Natasha at two and a half months old (11.5 weeks)

happy girl   standing up (and talking about it)


standing up video clip   squealy time video clip

Standing Up video clip (30 seconds, 1.3 Mb, WMV format) and Squealing video clip (32 seconds, 1.4 Mb, WMV format)


Natasha's Parents

Natasha's mummy as a baby   Natasha's daddy as a baby

Mummy and Daddy as babies