Natasha Beer - 13 to 18 months

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July 2008

Susanna Bass-Writer

Heather and Natasha at Susannah and Jason Writer's wedding reception

dainty walking   giggling


paddling photo by Mummy   Natasha points at a squirrel outside the patio door


August 2008

Natasha's lip


Natasha wearing shoes   duck photo by grandad Ian


Tasha falling asleep whilst eating a biscuit

Tasha Snoozie Biscuit video clip (28 seconds, 1.23 Mb, WMV format)


Natasha with her cousins Lily and Ruth

Natasha understands a lot and can be helpful when she wants to be.

Beer family photo by Claire C

Natasha talks quite a bit at times - nothing in English yet.

dining at moshi moshi

Natasha's favourite word is Gah ! (usually accompanied by a pointing finger).

Brighton beach photo by Claire C


October 2008

Natasha and Frank   Natasha and Greeba


Natasha Beer


November 2008



Tasha playground video clip   Tasha and Murray video clip   Tasha around the post video clip

Tasha Playground video clip (30 seconds, 1.3 Mb, WMV format) and Natasha and Murray video clip (25 seconds, 1.1 Mb, WMV format) and Round the post video clip (15 seconds, 0.6 Mb, WMV format)


December 2008

Tasha loves Snowman


how Natasha sleeps at night


Natasha having fun at xmas


Upsy Daisy   Mummy cuddle


sleepy time