Natasha Beer - 7 to 12 months

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January 2008

Natasha's first rice cake    thumb-sucking snooze-fest


new car seat


February 2008

making noise    carry rucksack






dungarees    pub Beers


musical daughter   crawling

Musical video clip (7 seconds, 0.4 Mb, WMV format) and Crawling video clip (30 seconds, 1.3 Mb, WMV format)


March 2008

sofa fun


Heather's first Mother's Day


pub time


April 2008

snoozing    Tasha smile


Tasha and Mummy


May 2008

Natasha in her favourite box


playtime with Daddy    on the swing with Nana Marion


Tigger time


time for bed


Natasha does the laundry


June 2008

NCT group joint first birthday celebrations at Godstone farm

NCT group dads

Steve with Natasha, Dan with Lizzie, Steve with Tomas, John with Oliver and Paul with Thomas

NCT group mums

Jeanette with Tomas, Helen with Oliver, Heather with Natasha, Lou with Lizzie and Lisa with Thomas

Natasha goes hunting for presents