Natasha's First Xmas

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Xmas Eve 2007

rip, rip rip, and ... chew


Grandad, Natasha and Mummy


Grandad Ian   helping Daddy


uncle Marc


Xmas Day

Sylvia and John's tree


more stuff to chew   ooh, Daddy's ear


opening Nana Marion's present


xmas lunch


Beers chez Reynolds


Tasha shows 'em how it's done


so many toys and so little time   Tasha draws the short straw in the daddy department


story time, Daddy-style


A Beer Xmas

Natasha, Nanny and Grumps


uber Oma   PigleTasha   happy baby


video clip of Natasha opening Marion Wassell's present

Pressie rip video clip (28 seconds, 1.23 Mb, WMV format)