Natasha Beer - 19 to 24 months

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January 2009

Natasha in her alpacca hat at the playground


Hi Daddy video clip

Hi Daddy video clip (15 seconds, 0.7 Mb, WMV format)


February 2009

Natasha in deep snow   Natasha and Mummy go for a walk in the snow   snow baby


March 2009

Natasha and friend, Lizzie


Mummy and Natasha in the Priory park   Natasha with Daddy on the pirate ship


Natasha at the Godstone green playground


Tasa and cousin Lily   Tasha and Daddy in the playground






May 2009

Lily and Natasha playing with the water table


Lily, Ruth and Natasha having fun in the garden


cool dudette


Ruth, Tasha and uncle Steve / Daddy


Natasha, Lizzie and embarrassing daddy   nutty Dad and daughter


cake time - let's get in there


NCT birthday pals


Photos by Grandpa:

Tasha and Mummy


Tasha blows it   Tasha riding Mummy's shoulders


Tasha restrained by Pooh bear   Natasha feeding the ducks


splashy fun at the ford


three feet   thumb sucking is a valid pasttime